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About Me

Deana Johnston

Solutions Consultant


My husband gave me the title, Solutions Consultant. He works in the high-tech industry where I believe the title, Solutions Consultant, was initiated. 

I laughed the first time I heard it because I thought it sounded so arrogant.  To me, it sounded like someone who has all the answers to everything. Omnicient! But, after hearing my husband refer to his Solutions Consultant year after year, I became accustomed to idea.  I decided that I would call myself Solutions Consultant because, after all,  I find solutions!

I've worked in an executive assistant capacity for C-level executives throughout my 20-year career. I began my career in Houston, Texas working as a Regulatory Manager and Production Accountant in the oil & gas industry. I transitioned into the Software industry when I moved to Dallas in 2000. Currently, I work as an independent contractor in a more creative capacity building websites, creating marketing collateral, taking photos, etc. 

I've worked with engineering firms, volunteer organizations, doctor's clinics, restaurants, political groups and individuals. In other words, I'm flexible and my skillset is adaptable to many different situations and needs.

I'd love to get to know  you and learn how I can help you. 

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